Development & Marketing Manager

In this position I’m basically a one-woman show. I am the Marketing Department so I work directly with the Executive Director on all aspects of marketing and fundraising. This includes being grant writer, being webmaster for the organization’ WordPress website, being graphic designer (we only have Photoshop but I’ve been able to make it work), being social media account manger, being photographer, being event planner, and of course, creating, writing, and analyzing the marketing materials.

While the Executive Director has great experience as a previous Director of Development, I don’t have a Director of Marketing to really get a good grasp of marketing for a non-profit means first hand so a lot of the learning was done trial-and-error, by attending conferences, by reading articles and researching best-practices, watching video tutorials, and participating in webinars. Learning Photoshop and WordPress design without an instructor was truly difficult but I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to create.

Here’s a series of infographics I created to explain our services:


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